Colourful Creative Printmaking
(Monoprinting). 2 Day.  £160.

Thur 19 & Fri 20 March 2020

* if you prefer, you may contact me to book a place via the contacts page

Learn the basics of how to make colourful and artistic mono prints. What is a monoprint?  

Monoprinting is a playful, colourful and rapid form of printmaking.  Mono does not refer to one colour but to a one-off print. An inked plate is altered by drawing, wiping or masking-out areas with paper or other materials.  This is then printed once (or sometimes twice) and layers can be built up to create colourful textures and patterns.
The method is an opportunity to freely experiment with colour.
You will learn some basic colour-mixing theory and how to mix both opaque and translucent ink.  There will be demonstrations of inking up a plate in different ways before printing.
You will then learn how to have fun creating stencils with paper, plants and other materials.  Further layers of printing and stencilling are then added resulting in a wonderful and rich range of colour and pattern.
We will then gather our prints together to enjoy and discuss what has been made!

A relaxed and experimental workshop that teaches a new print process that can be used on its own or combined with a linocut.

Timetable (each day)

10.00 Arrive
11.30 Coffee
1.00   Lunch
2.30  Tea
4.00  Finishing up.

Refreshments. Lunch (homemade soup, bread, cheeses, fruit) and tea, coffee and homemade cake are all included. Please let me know if there are foods that you need to avoid.

Accommodation - please contact me for information about places to stay in the area.

Course materials. All materials are included.

What to bring. Wear old clothes. Apron