Multiplate Linocut Printmaking.

2 Days.  £175.
Fri 16 & Sat 17 Feb  2024

* if you prefer, you may contact me to book a place via the contacts page

During this 2 day workshop you will learn how to make a two coloured linocut using the multiplate method.

The multiplate method involves cutting a different plate for each colour ( as opposed to the reduction method which involves repeatedly cutting away the same plate)

Day 1
We will discuss the strengths and limitations of designing for a linocut , and the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods looking at examples.You will then learn how to safely use the different linocut tools, and which tools are used for which type of mark.  You will then cut a small sample linocut to explore the range of marks that can be made.  Inking up methods will then be demonstrated and explained as well as how to use the press and how to print without a press.

 You will then select from a range of designs that will be available, so that you can learn the method and then apply this to your own designs at home.  You will then learn how to transfer the first part of the design to the first piece of lino then cut and print the first plate. You will be shown how to register the print in order to achieve accurate overprinting.  You will then start printing a series of first colour prints. 

Day 2
We will look at and talk about the printing that has been done on the previous day and talk over the next stage.  Then you will transfer the second part of the design to the second plate and cut the second layer, mix and print the next colour. As you will have two separate plates you will be able to experiment with many different colour combinations.  Depending on time and inclination it may be possible to introduce further colours using other methods such as stencils and selective rolling  We will then gather our prints together to enjoy and discuss what has been made!


10.00 Arrive
11.30 Coffee
1.00   Lunch
2.30  Tea
4.00  Finishing up.

Refreshments. Lunch (homemade soup, bread, cheeses, fruit) and tea, coffee and homemade cake are all included. Please let me know if there are foods that you need to avoid.

Accommodation - please contact me for information about places to stay in the area.

Course materials. All materials are included.

What to bring. Wear old clothes. Apron